Privacy Policy

This site has a very strict Privacy Policy and adheres to all of the latest standards for protecting users of the site. This site does not collect any data from users for the purpose of reselling, bartering, lending, or otherwise distributing that information for financial or other gain. This site does not place any cookies or other tracing devices on the visitor’s computers, nor do they request that visitors provide information to the site for use.

Any and all information that is transmitted over the site for the intent of making a purchase is used for that purpose only. Information will be used to process any orders or to make contact with the visitor about their order. Visitors can select not to be contacted.

Information that is submitted via this site will be protected at the best of the abilities of the site owner. Encryption methods are used on this site for the purpose of protecting the personal information of the site user.

Any changes to this Privacy Policy will only be enacted if they enhance the protection that it provides to the consumer. These changes will immediately be posted to the Privacy Policy page for all consumers to view.